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A Movement.
Not Just a Message.

The Heart of a Lion

Deep within each athlete lives a thread of characteristics that makes them entirely unique. They separate themselves from all others both on and off the court, and allow themselves to make their specific mark on the world. 

It’s this dynamic versatility - the “Brand DNA” - that needs to be discovered, and through strategy and creativity, can be honed and presented to the world. 

By doing this we ensure that our audience sees more than just another athlete in a uniform. They see deep into what makes up the heart of a champion in the game and in life. 

At We Are Lions, we view your brand not just as a representation of who you are and what you stand for, but as a way to explore where your business can go - beyond the playing field.

Your brand is one of your strongest assets for advantage.  We will help take you where you want to go.

Lions travel in a pride,
not a pack.

Lead from within

We believe that internal purpose drives external promise and success.

Through our Brand-View assessment We Are Lions can help you identify where your brand stands in relation to it's true possibilities.

  • Is your story powerful enough?
  • Is it time to innovate the experience?
  • Are you leveraging the power of design?
  • Is your team energized and equipped to deliver?

Your brand is one of your strongest assets for advantage, we can help take you where you want to go.